Rapid Compression Machine Lab

简介 State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy | Center For Combustion Energy



Manufacturer: 自建 Year: 2013 Manual:
Tsinghua University rapid compression machine (THU-RCM). Details can be found in the paper of Di, Haisheng, Xin He, Peng Zhang, Zhi Wang, Margaret S. Wooldridge, Chung K. Law, Cuiping Wang, Shijin Shuai, and Jianxin Wang. "Effects of buffer gas composition on low-temperature ignition of iso-octane and n-heptane." Combustion and Flame 161, no. 10 (2014): 2531-2538.


Manufacturer: 安捷伦 Type: GC-7890B Year: 2014
安捷伦 GC-7890B 气相色谱仪/气相色谱-质谱联用