Novel Semiconductor Devices and Reliability Lab

A semiconductor group in BJUT

Our research projects involve reliability issues of optical devices, primarily III-V nitride and SiC semiconductors, ferroelectric materials, especially the temperature measurments and thermal management.  We also provide home-made thermal resistance tester, enabling to measure the thermal resistant of each vertical material. The sales have reached to more than 7 millions Yuan.

Trapping Effects in GaN HEMTs

Trapping effect in GaN HEMTs has been studied using the current transients. A new method that can extract time constant spectrum has been presented, enbling a high resolution in distinguishing peaks. A differential amplitude spectrum for analyzing the degrees of traps contributing to the decay in channel currents has been proposed. A voltage transient method has been introduced to exclude the variation of bias on the drain-souce side.

New method for extracting the time constant spectrum


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