Microgravity and Multi-phase Combustion Laboratory

Prof. Yu Cheng Liu's Group at Tsinghua CCE

Welcome to Microgravity and Multi-phase Combustion Laboratory- Prof. Yu Cheng Liu's research group !!!

At the Center for Combustion Energy, the research interests of our group cover a range of combustion and transdisplinary problems. Our goal is to develop useful models with rigorous experimental validations for practical applications. Specfic research topics include:

1) Novel approach for modelling transport, vaporization, and chemical kinetics of complex fuels;

2) Dynamics of partially premixed flames;

3) Single droplet and group combustion processes: ignition, hot flame and cool flame, and mode transitions;

4) Combustion processes in microgravity environments for fundamental theories and space applications;

Novel modelling method for vaporization complex hydrocarbon fuels

L. Luo, Y.C. Liu, "Variation of gas phase combustion properties of complex fuels during vaporization: comparison for distillation and droplet scenarios," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 38 (2021) 3287-3294.

Surrogate mixtures for modelling real fuels are formulated based on gaseous combustion property targets and liquid physical properties. A batch distillation model was developed to evaluate the vaporization characteristics of some existing surrogates ...

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