Chengchen Guo
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Liquid-Exfoliated Mesostructured Collagen from the Bovine Achilles Tendon as Building Blocks of Collagen Membranes

期刊: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  2021
作者: David L. Kaplan,Keyong Tang,Chengchen Guo,Chunmei Li,Ying Chen,Zhibin Feng,Luan Zhang,Xuan Mu,Rachael N. Parker,Ning Xiang,Kathryn E. Jordan,Ying Pei

Insect and animal-originated fibres: silk and wool

期刊: Fundamentals of Natural Fibres and Textiles  2021
作者: Chengchen Guo

Protein composites from silkworm cocoons as versatile biomaterials

期刊: Acta Biomaterialia  2021
作者: David L. Kaplan,Qingyou Xia,Ping Zhao,Chunmei Li,Qianqian Yang,Chengchen Guo,Feng Wang

Recent advances in 3D printing with protein-based inks

期刊: Progress in Polymer Science  2021
作者: David L. Kaplan,Antonella Motta,Peggy Cebe,Chengchen Guo,Yousef Khan,Ying Pei,Ning Xiang,Francesca Agostinacchio,Xuan Mu

Spinning Regenerated Silk Fibers with Improved Toughness by Plasticizing with Low Molecular Weight Silk

期刊: Biomacromolecules  2021
作者: Joselito M. Razal,David L. Kaplan,Xungai Wang,Peter Lynch,Jizhen Zhang,Dylan Hegh,Xuan Mu,Chengchen Guo,Rangam Rajkhowa,Benjamin James Allardyce,Ya Yao

Water soluble gold-polyaniline nanocomposite: A substrate for surface enhanced Raman scattering and catalyst for dye degradation

期刊: Arabian Journal of Chemistry  2020
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Chengchen Guo,Palash Mondal

Bi‐Layered Tubular Microfiber Scaffolds as Functional Templates for Engineering Human Intestinal Smooth Muscle Tissue

期刊: Advanced Functional Materials  2020
作者: David L. Kaplan,Chuang Du,Terrence T. Roh,Dana M. Cairns,Xiuli Wang,Eleana Manousiouthakis,Chengchen Guo,Ying Chen

Smart Material Hydrogel Transfer Devices Fabricated with Stimuli‐Responsive Silk‐Elastin‐Like Proteins

期刊: Advanced Healthcare Materials  2020
作者: David L. Kaplan,Zaira Martin‐Moldes,Wenwen Huang,Chengchen Guo,Kathryn Jordan,Wenyao A. Wu,Dana M. Cairns,Rachael N. Parker

Enzymatic Degradation of Bombyx mori Silk Materials: A Review

期刊: Biomacromolecules  2020
作者: David L. Kaplan,Chunmei Li,Chengchen Guo

Probing the binding modes and dynamics of histidine on fumed silica surfaces by solid-state NMR

Silica nanoparticles can be designed to exhibit a diverse range of morphologies (e.g. non-porous, mesoporous), physical properties (e.g. hydrophobic, hydrophilic) and a wide range of chemical and biomolecular surface functionalizations.

期刊: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  2020
作者: Gregory P. Holland,J. Bennett Addison,Michael Cao,Chengchen Guo,Haley L. Swanson

Stimuli-responsive composite biopolymer actuators with selective spatial deformation behavior

Bioinspired actuators with stimuli-responsive and deformable properties are being pursued in fields such as artificial tissues, medical devices and diagnostics, and intelligent biosensors. These applications require that actuator systems have biocompatibility, controlled deformability, biodegradability, mechanical durability, and stable reversibility. Herein, we report a bionic actuator system consisting of stimuli-responsive genetically engineered silk–elastin-like protein (SELP) hydrogels and wood-derived cellulose nanofibers (CNFs), which respond to temperature and ionic strength underwater by ecofriendly methods. Programmed site-selective actuation can be predicted and folded into three-dimensional (3D) origami-like shapes. The reversible deformation performance of the SELP/CNF actuators was quantified, and complex spatial transformations of multilayer actuators were demonstrated, including a biomimetic flower design with selective petal movements. Such actuators consisting entirely of biocompatible and biodegradable materials will offer an option toward constructing stimuli-responsive systems for in vivo biomedicine soft robotics and bionic research.

期刊: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  2020
作者: David L. Kaplan,Chunmei Li,Fiorenzo G. Omenetto,Meng Li,Lauren D. Black,Yingjie Yu,Matthew C. Watson,Chengchen Guo,Wenshuai Chen,Haipeng Yu,Shengjie Ling,Xuan Mu,Yu Wang,Wenwen Huang,Yushu Wang

Engineering Silk Materials: From Natural Spinning to Artificial Processing

期刊: Applied Physics Reviews  2020
作者: David L. Kaplan,Xuan Mu,Chunmei Li,Chengchen Guo


期刊: Gastroenterology  2020
作者: David Kaplan,Chengchen Guo,Harry Paul,Ying Chen,Terrence Roh

3D bioengineered tissue model of the large intestine to study inflammatory bowel disease

期刊: Biomaterials  2019
作者: David L. Kaplan,Chengchen Guo,Harry T. Paul,Ying Chen,Terrence T. Roh

Chapter 18. NMR Characterization of Silk

期刊: NMR Methods for Characterization of Synthetic and Natural Polymers  2019
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Chengchen Guo

Design of biodegradable, implantable devices towards clinical translation

期刊: Nature Reviews Materials  2019
作者: David L. Kaplan,Samuel J. Lin,Ara Nazarian,Aron Lechtig,Philip Hanna,Myrthe Jasmijn Zwierstra,Ahmed Ibrahim,Vincent Fitzpatrick,Chengchen Guo,Chunmei Li

Developing a self‐organized tubulogenesis model of human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in vitro

期刊: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A  2019
作者: David L. Kaplan,Chunmei Li,Sophia Szymkowiak,Lorenzo Tozzi,Ying Chen,Chengchen Guo,Xiuli Wang

3D Printing of Silk Protein Structures by Aqueous Solvent‐Directed Molecular Assembly

期刊: Macromolecular Bioscience  2019
作者: David L. Kaplan,Fiorenzo G. Omenetto,Alessandra Balduini,Qiaobing Xu,Xiaocheng Jiang,Fabio De Ferrari,Huan‐Hsuan Hsu,Peggy Cebe,Wenwen Huang,Shengjie Ling,Yamin Li,Chengchen Guo,Yu Wang,Xuan Mu

3D Printing of Functional Microalgal Silk Structures for Environmental Applications

期刊: ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering  2019
作者: David L. Kaplan,Fiorenzo G. Omenetto,Allison Kumarasena,Chengchen Guo,Siwei Zhao

A self-assembling collagen mimetic peptide system to simultaneously characterize the effects of osteogenesis imperfecta mutations on conformation, assembly and activity

We have created a self-assembling collagen mimetic peptide system which for the first time facilitates simultaneous characterization of the effects of osteogenesis imperfecta mutations on stability, conformation, assembly and activity.

期刊: Journal of Materials Chemistry B  2019
作者: Jianxi Xiao,Chengchen Guo,Shenlin Wang,Xiaojun Xu,Sha Zhao,Zhao Liu,Xiuxia Sun

Investigating the interaction of Grammostola rosea venom peptides and model lipid bilayers with solid-state NMR and electron microscopy techniques

期刊: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes  2019
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Frederick Sachs,Thomas M. Suchyna,Nathan C. Gianneschi,Joseph P. Patterson,Rich Thai,Chengchen Guo,Dian Xu,Xiangyan Shi,Geraldine Polido

Solvent-Free Strategy To Encapsulate Degradable, Implantable Metals in Silk Fibroin

期刊: ACS Applied Bio Materials  2018
作者: David L. Kaplan,Fiorenzo G. Omenetto,Chengchen Guo,Morgan J. Hawker

Characterizing gold nanoparticles by NMR spectroscopy

期刊: Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry  2018
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Chengchen Guo

Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mixtures Using Diffusion-Ordered NMR Spectroscopy and Adsorption by Powdered Activated Carbon and Biochar

期刊: Materials  2018
作者: Yanan Chen,Chengchen Guo,Dong An

Structural Comparison of Various Silkworm Silks: An Insight into the Structure–Property Relationship

期刊: Biomacromolecules  2018
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Robert W. Henning,Xungai Wang,Jacob S. Jordan,Jin Zhang,Chengchen Guo

Rapid Soft Tissue Approximation and Repair Using Laser‐Activated Silk Nanosealants

期刊: Advanced Functional Materials  2018
作者: Kaushal Rege,Jeffery Yarger,Jacquelyn Kilbourne,Jung Keun Lee,Valerie Wong,Mitzi Thelakkaden,Deepanjan Ghosh,Chengchen Guo,Russell Urie

Understanding iridium oxide nanoparticle surface sites by their interaction with catechol

We report the first method to quantitatively understand the optical and catalytic properties of IrOx nanoparticles.

期刊: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  2017
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Devens Gust,Ana L. Moore,Thomas A. Moore,Monica Calatayud,Chengchen Guo,Dalvin D. Méndez-Hernández,Maxime Fournier,Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro

Comparative Study of Strain‐Dependent Structural Changes of Silkworm Silks: Insight into the Structural Origin of Strain‐Stiffening

期刊: Small  2017
作者: David L. Kaplan,Xiang-Yang Liu,Anh Tuan Nguyen,Xungai Wang,Jin Zhang,Chengchen Guo

Highly Efficient Fumed Silica Nanoparticles for Peptide Bond Formation: Converting Alanine to Alanine Anhydride

期刊: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  2017
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Jeffery L. Yarger,Jacob S. Jordan,Chengchen Guo

Secondary Structure Adopted by the Gly-Gly-X Repetitive Regions of Dragline Spider Silk

期刊: International Journal of Molecular Sciences  2016
作者: Gregory Holland,Jeffery Yarger,Randolph Lewis,Brian Cherry,David Onofrei,Justin Jones,Chengchen Guo,Arjan Van Der Vaart,Geoffrey Gray

Direct Evidence of Chelated Geometry of Catechol on TiO2 by a Combined Solid-State NMR and DFT Study

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2016
作者: Monica Calatayud,Jeffery L. Yarger,Kimberly A. Gray,Tijana Rajh,Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo,Paul B. Lee,Stephen K. Davidowski,Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro

Lysine-Capped Silica Nanoparticles: A Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy Study

期刊: MRS Advances  2016
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo

Extended Charge Carrier Lifetimes in Hierarchical Donor–Acceptor Supramolecular Polymer Films

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2015
作者: Adam B. Braunschweig,Amy M. Scott,Gregory Holland,Xu Han,Mercedes M. A. Mazza,Stephen K. Davidowski,Chengchen Guo,Samuel R. Peurifoy,Shiori Yamazaki,Zhong Li,Rafael M. Krick Calderon,Carmen X. Guzman

Adsorption and release of surfactant into and from multifunctional zwitterionic poly(NIPAm-co-DMAPMA-co-AAc) microgel particles

期刊: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science  2015
作者: Lenore L. Dai,Jeffery L. Yarger,Chengchen Guo,Morgan Kelley,Haobo Chen

Gold nanoparticle-doped silk film as biocompatible SERS substrate

In this work, we present a novel rapid method for fabricating biocompatible, biodegradable gold nanoparticle-embedded silk films (AuNP–silk films) that have potential applications in bioengineering and biomedical research.

期刊: RSC Advances  2015
作者: Jeffery L. Yarger,John B. Addison,Genevieve N. Hall,Chengchen Guo

Alanine Adsorption and Thermal Condensation at the Interface of Fumed Silica Nanoparticles: A Solid-State NMR Investigation

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2015
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo

Probing the Impact of Acidification on Spider Silk Assembly Kinetics

期刊: Biomacromolecules  2015
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo,Dian Xu

NMR Characterization of Spider Venom Neurotoxin Structure and Interactions with Lipid Bilayers

期刊: Biophysical Journal  2014
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo,Xiangyan Shi

Investigating Lysine Adsorption on Fumed Silica Nanoparticles

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2014
作者: Gregory P. Holland,Chengchen Guo

Investigation on the Mechanism of the Synthesis of Gold(I) Thiolate Complexes by NMR

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2014
作者: Gi Xue,Pingchuan Sun,Chengchen Guo,Xiaoliang Wang,Rongchun Zhang,Lili Zhu,Chunhong Yu

New Insight into Intermediate Precursors of Brust–Schiffrin Gold Nanoparticles Synthesis

期刊: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2013
作者: Gi Xue,Wei Chen,Dongshan Zhou,Pingchuan Sun,Xiaoliang Wang,Chengchen Guo,Chen Zhang,Lili Zhu