Spray Combustion & Propulsion Laboratory


The Spray Combustion and Propulsion Laboratory (SCPL), affliated to School of Aerospace Engineering in Tsinghua University, conducts research on spray combustion under extreme conditions, combustion instabilities in engines, detonative propulsion, and new concept propulsion, etc. The research aims to provide highly effcient and stable energy conversion for the engine. Recently, the SCPL has undertaken several national key projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Ministry of Science and Technology China, etc, and great great achievements have been made in both academic and engineering applications.The lab contains a good exchange and scientifc cooperation with the oversea universities, such as the University of Michigan, Warsaw University of Technology, etc., and with the domestic industrials. At present, with the unity of teachers and students, comfortable scientific research environment, powerful computing and experimental platform, rich accumulation of research experience, sufficient funding support and good cooperative relationship with the famous international universities and scholars, the SCPL hopes to play an increasingly important role in the field of propulsion.






3)探讨了界面/激波生成、相互作用及消失过程的规律 。



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