Scattering Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials


Pengling Dai and Zinan Zhao passed through their Thesis defense


The third-year master students Miss Pengling Dai and Miss Zinan Zhao have successfully passed through their thesis defense for their Master's degree. Congratulations!

Long Tian and Panpan Liu successfully defended their PhD theses


Long Tian and Panpan Liu passed through their Ph.D. defense today.  Congratulations!

Pengling's paper on NaYbSe2 has been published on Phys. Rev. X


Pengling spent more than two years investigating the magnetic excitations in the quantum spin liquid candidate NaYbSe2 with perfect triangular lattice of Yb3+. She found that the ground state could be a quantum spin liquid state with a spinon Fermi surface. The paper has recently been publis...

Xingye has been promoted to be full professor


The PI, Dr. Xingye Lu, has been promoted to be a full professor at Beijing Normal University. Congratulations!

Panpan's polarized neutron scattering paper on detwinned BaFe2As2 has been published on Nature Communications!


The paper can be found here:

Title: In-plane uniaxial pressure-induced out-of-plane antiferromagnetic moment and critical fluctuations in BaFe2As2


A small in-plane external uniaxial pressure has been widely used as an effective ...

Miss TANG Qi (唐绮) joined the group


Miss TANG Qi is a senior (undergraduate) student in the Department of Physics of Beijing Normal University. She just joined the group and will enter our group formally as a graduate student in September of 2021. Welcome!

ZHOU Kaijuan(周凯娟),Zhong Hengyang(钟恒扬),and LI Yi(李意)joined the group






田龙 published his first paper on detwinned Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2


Spin fluctuation anisotropy as a probe of orbital-selective hole-electron quasiparticle excitations in detwinned Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2

Long Tian, Panpan Liu, Zhuang Xu, Yu Li, Zhilun Lu, H. C. Walker, U. Stuhr, Guotai Tan, Xingye Lu, and Pengcheng Dai

Phys. Rev. B 100, 134509 &nd...

FU Xue (付雪) and Liu Zenghua (刘增华) joined the group



Website of our group "Scattering Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials" has been created!


We focus our research on understanding the emergent quantum phenomena of novel correlated electron materials via exploring their collective excitations using inelastic neutron scattering (INS) and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS). Taking together regular and extended/creat...