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Highly turbocharged gasoline engine and rapid compression machine studies of super-knock

Journal SAE International Journal of Engines
Super-knock has been a significant obstacle for the development of highly turbocharged (downsized) gasoline engines with spark ignition, due to the catastrophic damage super-knock can cause to the engine. According to previous research by the authors, one combustion process leading to super-knock may be described as hot-spot induced pre-ignition followed by deflagration which can induce detonation from another hot spot followed by high pressure oscillation. The sources of the hot spots which lead to pre- ignition (including oil films, deposits, gas-dynamics, etc.) may occur sporadically, which leads to super-knock occurring randomly at practical engine operating conditions. In this study, a spark plasma was used to induce preignition and the correlation between super- knock combustion and the thermodynamic state of the reactant mixture was investigated …

  • Volume 9
  • Issue 2016-01-0686
  • Pages 1475-1485