Lab of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

Dynamic Design - Vehicle Cloud System Configuration

1.  Design and Implementation of Cloud Control Simulation Platform

  • Research background

The traditional simulation platform of ICV can meet the simulation requirements under the condition of small scale and simple working conditions. However, with the increase of scales and the uncertainty of communication conditions, a new simulation platform is required to be developed to solve the above problems. With the increase of permeability, it is of great significance for the simulation of large-scale and complex conditions in the future.

  • Research Achievements

The 1:1 virtual scene is developed, the available vehicle model is built, the controller is designed, and the tracking function is realized. At the level of human-computer interaction, the HOLOLENS device based on Mixed Reality is applied, which enriches the interface form and content.

Leading Research Member: YANG Chunying

Created: Mar 05, 2021 | 11:54