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(i) 固体物理学、量子力学、材料科学基础的知识背景。

(ii) 具有密度泛函理论(DFT)计算软件(VASP、Gaussian、CP2k等)经验。

(iii) 具有经典分子动力学(MD)模拟软件(LAMMPS、GROMACS、NAMD 等)的经验。

(iv) 具有编程语言(python、fortran、C/C++)和编写用于处理、分析和可视化配置(OVITO、VMD、VESTA 等)脚本的经验。

申请人如对本职位有任何疑问,请发送邮件至 联系杨孟昊教授。如申请该项目,请发送详细的简历并安排两封推荐信发送至。
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We are hiring! Multiple master, PhD, postdoc and research associate positions at Tongji University, Shanghai.

The projects would involve Interface Atomistic Mechanisms of Solid Metal Batteries and Formation Mechanism of Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Li-ion Batteries. Desired qualifications for a potential candidate include:

(i) Knowledge background in Solid State Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Materials Science.

(ii) Experience in density functional theory (DFT) calculation software (VASP, Gaussian, CP2k, etc.).

(iii) Experience in classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulation software (LAMMPS, GROMACS, NAMD, etc.).

(iv) Experience in programming languages (python, fortran, C/C++) and writing in-home scripts for handling, analyzing, and visualizing configurations (OVITO, VMD, VESTA, etc.).

Applicants should direct any questions about this position to Prof. Menghao Yang at To be considered for the project, send a detailed CV and arrange for two letters of reference to be sent to
9 day(s) ago